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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  August 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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series of hits on local businesses... only to learn their suspect has a father well-known in las vegas. 8 news now has reaction tonight. ((christianne klein)) >> a startling increase in crime in the downtown area: (( "i worry about my tenants" )) ((christianne klein)) >> the numbers that show how much violent crime has increased... and why metro says there is reason to be optimistic. ((tedd florendo)) clouds and seasonal temperatures. but more storms could be on the way. we'll break down your forecast coming up on the valleys news leader
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reporter shakala alvaranga has details of the evidence against shane ross tonight. shakala? ((shakala alvaranga)) >> paul and christianne, it's a shocking revelation in this entire ordeal ... police believe shane ross is the man behind six other robberies in the area. we're told he was arrested without incident this morning. an elected official's son ... the man accused of robbing several businesses on spring mountain and rainbow. surprise ... even to shane ross' own family. police say he hit the krispy kreme and burger king restaurant today. "they weren't letting anyone in the parking lot at all." police surrounded jackpot joanie's near flamingo and durango ... and arrested ross about an hour later. "a couple of cop cars, they were just everywhere, they were all over... i've never seen that many cops." metro says ross would park his motorycle outside a store ... and rob its employees at gunpoint.
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august 16th, all in the area of spring mountain, jones, rainbow area." we reached out to mayor pro tem steve ross today. in a statement to us, he says ... "our entire family is stunned and devastated at this development. shane has battled addiction problems for sometime and may still be struggling with those demons. we are encouraging him to fully cooperate with police to help determine exactly what has taken place." mayor pro tem s in 2005. he represents ward 6. ((shakala alvaranga)) >> shane ross' bail has been set at 60 thousand dollars. he remains here in the clark county detention center tonight. reporting live shakala alvaranga 8 news now. ((christianne klein)) >> shakala, do we know what charges he'll face? ((shakala alvaranga)) >> christianne, he is facing
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in possession of a gun. more charges are possible as the scope of this investigation widens. back to you. /// ((paul joncich)) this case draws a comparison to the bellagio bandit... albeit on a much smaller scale. in 2011, anthony carleo carried out a one-point-five million dollar heist by pointing a gun at a craps dealer in the bellagio and then racing off on his motorcycle with the chips. carleo also robbed the suncoas he's the son of former municipal court judge george assad. assad was defeated in the general election in june of 2011. carleo is serving a combined sentence of nine to 27 years in federal prison./// ((christianne klein)) 27 guns are still missing after a thief broke into a north las vegas firearms store overnight... and multiple agencies are working together to try to recover them. it appears the burglar made his way into the new frontier armory near centennial parkway and north fifth street through a
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4 a-m and was caught on security cameras -- which may have caught a glimpse of the getaway vehicle. the owner of a neighboring business told us she's worried that the guns could end up in the wrong hands in the community... and she's beefing up security: ((giselle gonzalez/business owner: "we do have an alarm already but we were thinking it would be a good idea to get a camera just to see and maybe take more precaution." )) ((christianne klein)) >> the gun store tells us they had place. north las vegas police, the a-t-f, and homeland security are all involved in the investigation. if you have any information... please call crime stoppers./// ((paul joncich)) we're learning new information tonight in the case of that deadly dog attack on wednesday... the pit bull mix responsible for the attack was familiar to clark county animal control. the county tells us the dog, named "left eye", was involved in a fight with another dog on july 11-th. neither dog in that run-in
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incident was deemed not serious enough to warrant a dangerous or vicious dog declaration. the dog's owner was given a citation for failing to have the pit mix neutered or vaccinated for rabies. 9 year-old derion stevenson was attacked and killed by the dog when he went to his friend's home in the far east las vegas neighborhood. the dog has since been euthanized./// ((paul joncich)) and derion's family is trying to raise money for a proper burial for the boy. a go fund me page has been set up with a goal of eight-thousand dollars. we've posted that information fo y com... just click on links we've mentioned./// ((christianne klein)) firefighters are having some success getting a handle on the bluecut fire burning near cajon pass in southern california... but it remains a serious threat. it now spans over 37-thousand acres... but it is 40-percent contained. nearly 100 homes and another 213 buildings have been destroyed. initially, 34-thousand structures were threatened... that number is now closer to 32-hundred.
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the fire... seven-thousand evacuation orders remain in place. more than 15-hundred firefighters are working around the clock on the ground and in the air... to fight the blaze./// ((christianne klein)) back here in southern nevada... the smoke really isn't that big of an issue for our air quality at this time, tedd./// ((tedd florendo)) skies clouded up yesterday and they've been that way since. they have also put a cap on ec we had a few passing sprinkles earlier and it could take some time for the storms to develop. ................................ ... ........... still warm and muggy though with dewpoints remaining high. there's plenty of moisture in the atmosphere but no sunshine to fire it up. expect temps to stay warm and sticky tonight. we'll be in the 90's through the evening and warm late night. since the skies are opening up a little we could see slight stray shower/storm chances later, but they should be isolated for now. we'll keep our eyes on the next week and late weekend where
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((paul joncich)) metro's most recent crime logs show a substantial increase in violent crime in las vegas -- but they tell us they are seeing positive signs in the past month. the most recent numbers show 30-percent, year to date compared to last year... with three more murders, 14 more sexual assaults... 70 more robberies... and an increase in assaults and batteries with deadly weapons. the numbers on your screen represent the increases in total number and in percentage points. despite the uptick... one downtown business owner we spoke with told us safety isn't a major concern: (( franchesca van buren: "i remember back in the day when you couldn't walk down the street without being scared. and that's not the case anymore.
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comfortable." )) ((paul joncich)) >> franchesca van buren told us most of her concerns come from petty crimes, graffiti, and transients who sometimes create problems. now, despite the overall uptick... metro tells us in the past 28 days violent crimes are down 11-percent./// ((paul joncich)) and check out this non-violent crime, but a crime nonetheless, caught on camera downtown. a driver went over the curb and hit the iron yard coding academy near charleston and main street this morning. wi crashed into the campus and took off. she was driving a maroon cadillac with a tan top. if you have any information... please call crime stoppers./// ((christianne klein)) if you watched our newscast last night... you know that a number of statues of presidential candidate donald trump -- in the buff -- popped up at cities around the country. turns out, we didn't have to go far to track down the artist behind the statement art. he lives right here in las vegas. joshua "ginger" monroe dreamed up the alternative take on "the
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new york, san francisco, seattle, l-a... and cleveland. the statues are certainly not meant to be flattering to trump... which depict him with a big gut and a less-than- generous take on that thing trump wanted voters to know "wasn't a problem" when marco rubio made fun of his hand size during the republican debates: (( joshua "ginger" monroe / artist: "certain things like the anatomy in the male region had to be extremely lacking. they wanted it to be pretty life-like with some characteristics that were charactature style, almost cartoonish." )) >> ginger was commissioned for the work and says trump's cartoonish genitalia were the idea of the group that hired him. feedback has been mixed, but mostly positive. some people have asked to buy the statues... which will be available for sale at some time. the trump statues have been removed in all of the cities where they were set up... although a restaurant owner in san francisco says he hopes to bring it back...
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((paul joncich)) speaking of trump, he campaigned in baton rouge, louisiana today... and toured the devastation from the record flooding they're enduring there. trump was joined by his vice presidential pick, indiana governor mike pence. the duo met with louisiana state officials before touring some of the worst-hit areas. trump assured the people dealing with all the misery there that they'll continue to get the help they need: (( donald trump/ (r) presidential candidate: "it's a great place. i've had a great history with louisiana. they need a lot of help. what's happened here is incredible. here, it's really incredible. so, i'm just here to help." )) ((paul joncich)) >> president obama will tour baton rouge on tuesday... despite a request from louisiana's governor to avoid the area because of the stress a presidential visit puts on law enforcement resources... which are assisting flood victims right now./// ((paul joncich)) democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton currently does not have any plans to visit louisiana... saying in a statement that the relief effort can't afford any distractions.
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birthday. that didn't stop the clinton camp from taking a shot at trump the same day his campaign chairman resigned amid revelations he may have dealt dirty money when he worked for a pro-russian political party in ukraine. the clinton campaign released a statement saying that trump has a "bromance" with putin./// ((christianne klein)) clinton's vice presidential candidate, virginia senator tim kaine, will campaign in las vegas on monday. he'll be at the local 5-25 plumbers and pipefitters training center on legion way... to talk about t economy. doors open to the public at 9 a-m... the event starts at 11:30./// ((christianne klein)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters for all the races that matter to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((paul joncich)) unlv kicks off its season in less than two weeks. are they any closer to naming a starting quarterback? chris maathuis will explore coming up in sports. plus: (( "i was so embarrassed. and he was so charming" ))
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takes multiple women for thousands of dollars. the trick he played to get their cash... and why police say this could happen to anyone. next.///
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police say they've caught a serial scammer who preyed on single women in massachusetts. he'd set them up by sweeping them off their feet... then cleaning out their wallets: (( michaela tower, victim: "he got about $28,000 and it was little bits at a time, saying he needed to pay this cancer bill or that cancer doctor bill." reporter/question: "he didn't hav "didn't have cancer." )) police say chris wehner carried out similar schemes in several towns across massachusetts over a period of two years. he often met women on the dating website "plenty of fish"... and would charm his dates with charisma and believable stories... before telling them he needed money. police say this case can serve as a warning to anyone who dates online: (( det. karen barkas, quincy police: "be very cautious, especially when they start asking for money or start pulling at your heart strings, they have something, you know,
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earlier said there was another disturbing wrinkle to this story... the suspect attached himself to her two year-old daughter. she spoke of embarrassment and losing self esteem from the scheme. police believe wehner may have scammed at least eight women and their families. he now faces larceny charges./// ((paul joncich)) u-s swimmer ryan lochte has issued an apology for the robbery scandal that's overshadowed the last several days of the summer games. apologized for his behavior the night he said he was robbed at gunpoint with three other u-s swimmers at a rio gas station. on instagram... lochte wrote 'i should have been much more responsible in how i handled myself and for that am sorry.' police said security guards at the station had used weapons solely to control the men -- saying at least one athlete had vandalized the station. the event sparked an international controversy...and lochte's teammate..who was with lochte that night... reportedly agreed to pay nearly 11-thousand dollars to a
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((christianne klein)) check out this video of a waterspout spotted off the coast of north carolina's outer banks. oddly enough, there were no thunderstorm warnings or tornado warnings for the area at the time it formed. waterspouts can carry strong winds and throw light objects around... but they tend to fall apart once they make landfall./// ((tedd florendo)) looking outside it looks like seattle with the cloud shield. to the humidity. wind also stay light and the smoke plume from the blue cut fire has drifted way more west and away from the area. dewpoint remain high enough for the risk of more t'storms maybe this evening, but should be isolated in nature. ................................ ... .................. temps around the valley in the 90s through many neighborhoods
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valley and southeast sections. not as warm for the foothills and the northwest part of the region. we're below normal for temps but not much. the clouds also helped keep a lid on any daytime warming from the sun. ................................ ... ................... regional temps also stayed warm but still hot over in death valley where they had more sunshine. warm down the colorado river valley from mesquite all the way down to laughlin. more tolerable temps in the central great basin with those areas inthe 80's to low 90's. ........ ........................... ................ radar shows very little convective t'storm occurring. a shield of clouds helped keep a development this morning and afternoon. now with clearing and us getting to the hottest part of the day, there is still slight chances for t'storms mainly east of i-15 and better chances for southern clark county. mostly in mohave county. ....... ............................ .................. futurecast shows we get a better break from those storms chances tomorrow but it's sunday we see the return of showers and storms chances due to an area of low pressure that will drift in some rain from the south. shower and storm chances also return for monday through tuesday as well before we see a drying trend by wednesday and more sunshine. ................................
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temps in the 80's by morning with clouds and some clearing. expect muggy condtions this evening with slight hit and miss shower chances as well. tomorrow expecting temps near 100 and partly to mostly sunny through the day. very slim chances for showers but the possibility is out there more points east of the valley. ................................ ... ..................... extended forecast calls for temps to drop even more by late weekend and early week with high in the 90's still. showers chances return by sunday and through early week with sunday and monday being our best shot for some rain. drier mid to late week next week as temps climb back to near average
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((christianne klein)) >> who will be that team leader? unlv is still searching. ((chris maathuis)) >> if there's a battle that good thing.. or on the other hand, it could be a bad thing. how close is tony sanchez to naming a starting quarterback? you'll find out coming up next. plus... thousands of fans packed a convention ball room for today's ufc 202 weigh-in. more coming up here on channel 8. ((chris maathuis))
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i approve this message. four years ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer but early treatment saved my life. so i'm really outraged that joe heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood which thousands of nevada women depend on for cancer screenings. congressman heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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months. quarterbacks kurt palendech and johnny stanton fighting to be named leader of the pack. but it's been too close to call... both quarterbacks are doing some good... and some bad. they shine and sparkle at times and then crash and burn just as fast. neither quarterback has separated himself enough to have tony sanchez name a starter. (( )) tony sanchez/coach; "if you need to wait you wait, you don't want to rush the decision because the decision is going to have a major impact on the season. i'll be honest both guys will play in game one. john hard, kurt has been working hard two competitive guys who will fight to the bitter end." kurt palandech/qb; "i'm focusing n what i can control i leave it up to coach sanchez, have no feeling on that." sanchez "i think one guy will be get the majority of the reps.. .but you're going to see who ever the number two is at some point in the first half." ((chris maathuis))
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state. ((chris maathuis)) we'd like to invite you to watch our nfl west coast training camp 30 minute special tomorrow afternoon. set your recorders for 5 pm we'll take ya through california and over into colorado to check in on five different nfl training camps... including the world champion denver broncos. ((chris maathuis)) it's the eve of ufc 202 and both conor mcgregor and nate diaz have certainly talked the talk, now it's time to walk the walk. the verbal war has been going on for a while... but all that talking it about to end. t's athletic commission right on stage. mcgregor tipped the sclae at 168, diaz at 170 1/2 the fighters had to be on their best behavior... they faced off and tried to intimidate one other... but everything went off without a hitch. (( )) conor mcgregor/: he should have killed me when he had the chance and i'm going to kill you and nats> nate diaz; "he's already dead from the last time. i'm a new guy a killer can't be
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fought mcgregor landed some big blows, knocking diaz back a little. but then conor got tired and got rocked and eventually had to tap out. t-mobile should be rockin' tomorrow night. ((chris maathuis)) at least two las vegans will be bringing home gold from the games in rio. swimmer cody miller won gold and bronze... and now bmx rider connor fields races to the gold, so the bmx medal drought is over for the united states. netherlands by a little over 6 hundredths of a second. it's the first time that team usa has won a bmx medal... they were skunked in beijing and again in london. ((chris maathuis)) a few other las vegans could bring home the hardware.. bishop gorman grad inbee park has a two stroke lead heading into the final round of the women's golf competition. and vashti cunningham jumps for gold tomorrow afternoon the las vegas 51s closing out an 8 game home stand... not to much to smile about lately as las vegas has fallen to third in
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but who would've guess that would be their only run. round rock only needed three runs tonight, they beat the 51s 3-1. their final home stand is coming up next week against salt lake. ((christianne klein)) our strange stories for friday right after this./// ((christianne klein))
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((paul joncich)) police in pennsylvania say a suspect assaulted an officer... with a box full of pizza. the man was apparently looking for trouble... he tried wrapping a chain around the police station. when an officer came outside to investigate, 44 year-old sean mulloy reportedly punched the officer and threw the pizza at
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((chris maathuis)) one young man learned the importance of always buckling up... even in the back seat of a police cruiser. 19 year-old logan younger flew out the back window when the patrol car got in an accident... and it was caught on camera... the teen tried to use the crash as an opportunity to run away, but was caught a short time later./// ((tedd florendo)) there's something truly disgusting happening at the iowa state fair... their "ugliest ice cream contest"... and yeah, this year's games. among the toppings in this year's entries.... shrimp, crickets and gummy worms combined with what looks like a sausage link. another entry featured hot dog buns, mustard, beans and donuts on top of the vanilla ice cream./// ((paul joncich)) that's all for us live at eleven. ((christianne klein)) >> the late show with stephen colbert is next with zoe saldana and jon stewart. we'll see you back here tomorrow
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for seniors like barbara, social security makes a difference every month. but for the wall street types who've given congressman joe heck's campaigns over $500,000, social security could mean billions of dollars in fees. that's what privatizing social security means and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan, retirement security gets risked on the stock market. and the wall street types supporting joe heck make billions. whose side are you on? senate majority pac is responsible
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